Spinnerin Magazine Photography

Spinnerin_BackCover Spinnerin_FrontCoverSpinnerin was a knitting magazine that existed from the 60s and 70s that really knew how to engage it’s audience with great photography. The covers pictured above (Back and front, respectively) must have been a lot of fun to shoot. I would have loved to been there on the day of the shoot, drinking soda and engaging with the crew. All the details, most notably the way the colors really pop in contrast to the background setting are so much fun to look at. Remember this was shot way before Photoshop was around and editing these in post must have been a real bear!

I’ve taken the time to scan all the photography from this issue at high resolution (300 dpi, RGB) for your enjoyment and sharing. I’m not sure who owns the copyrights so I’d be careful about how you use them.

You can download all the images here. The file is just under 100mb, so make sure you have the bandwidth available.

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